Where to Find Engine Steam Cleaning in Los Angeles

Those living in the Los Angeles area can find professional engine cleaning services both in and just outside of the city. The companies listed below are well-known, well-rated, and have been in business for years, thus establishing a loyal customer base. Most of these body shops also offer regular discounts, especially for new customers, so if you are taking your car into the shop for the first time, ask about specials for first-time patrons or engine cleanings.

Auto Transhine Detailing

Auto Transhine Detailing is located in Whittier, California, which is a suburb just under 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles. While this may be a bit of a trek for those living in the city, the suburban body shop may well be less busy as a result of its location, thus offering faster service. Auto Transhine guarantees a thorough steam cleaning and offers a few different wash options at different price points. The ‘top and bottom’ wash is the most intricate cleaning of the engine and is best for those who want to locate an oil leak. A top only cleaning improves the aesthetics of the engine itself, and the bottom only cleaning is best for locating leaks underneath the engine.

Doctor Detail

Doctor Detail has been in business for nearly 30 years and has been invested in customer satisfaction since it first opened its doors. It is located in Orange County, and is a good option for those who live and work outside of the city center. Doctor Detail is a full service body shop that also specializes in engine cleaning, which it has been performing and improving upon for over twenty years. They do a full top and bottom cleaning and also inspect the engine for any oil leaks, all in approximately one hour. Doctor Detail also offers a restoration and cleaning package which includes engine scraping and the application of primer and sealant on top of the steam clean itself.

Valet Detail Service

Valet Detail Service is located within Los Angeles itself, and has been serving the city’s auto repair and detailing needs for approximately 30 years. They take walk-in appointments for engine cleanings but encourage customers to make a reservation in order to avoid a long wait time. They also offer a quote service on their website so potential customers can get a sense of what the cleaning and any additional car services they might need will cost. A pick-up option is also available for those who make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Burbank Auto Detail

Los Angeles residents can also take their vehicles into Burbank Auto Detail for an engine cleaning. Located just ten miles from downtown LA, Burbank offers a convenient option for anyone who needs quick but efficient and thorough car service. Specially trained detailers steam clean engines with high-quality and high-pressure equipment. Customers can also request additional detailing with their cleaning, from interior vacuuming to exterior waxing.

All of these Los Angeles based companies hire trained professionals who will be able to complete an engine cleaning and inspection in around an hour. Prices vary, but generally hover around $50.00 for a cleaning alone with added fees for any additional cleaning or detailing services.